How to Create Pro-Level Videos & Animations in 14 Days or Less Using Canva

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"As a small business owner, this course has been a valuable investment. I've learned how to create polished videos for my brand without breaking the bank. Thank you Dayo!"



"This Canva Video Editing course was a game-changer for me. I had no idea I could do so much with Canva, and the instructor made it super easy to understand. Now, I can level up my skill in video editing just by using Canva! Kudos!"


"I was sceptical at first, but this course genuinely taught me new and practical ways to edit videos using Canva. The instructor was thorough and engaging, and I'm excited to put these skills to use in my business."

- YOO B.


Let's Face It: For Ambitious Professionals Like You, Trying to Create Online Videos for Your Business is 😓 OVERWHELMING!

Scattered Resources

Finding a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, without having to rely on scattered information from impersonal YouTube videos and free tutorials is hard. Even at that, they would not cover everything you need for your unique business scenario.

Prohibitively Expensive!

Most video creation courses for people like you cost $500+ and require you to have some expensive equipment, costing you even more!

No hands-on Guidance

Watching videos is great... But real-world practical projects and examples that will boost your confidence and skills without overwhelming you with information is what you need.

🎉 Here's the GOOD NEWS...

Even before Canva introduced its video editor in 2021, I was crafting animations on the platform. Its launch was a game-changer, simplifying the intricate world of video creation for me.

Thanks to Canva's versatile and user-friendly platform, I now produce top-tier sales and marketing videos. Imagine crafting mesmerizing videos with a tool you're already familiar with. Sounds enticing, doesn't it?

No more headaches of abandoned projects with heavy editing software – With this Canva Video Mastery, you can unleash your creativity and produce stunning videos that mesmerize your audience.

From animations to video graphics, Canva has it all. Now, you can create promo and educational videos that your market will love using just Canva , giving you the power to take your business and brand to new levels.

But Don't Just Make Videos - Transform Your Videos from Simple Content to Strategic Assets

With Canva Video Mastery, you're not just creating videos. You're crafting strategic content that elevates your brand and positions you as an authority.

Every video you produce goes beyond mere visuals and sound; it establishes your brand, adding a layer of credibility and authenticity, and serving as a powerful tool that resonates with your audience.

Craft a compelling narrative that identifies your audience's challenges, shifts their perspective, and offers them a clear path forward.

  • A Proven Framework for Impact: This isn't about random video creation. It's a systematic journey that transitions from merely presenting information to driving transformation. By identifying core challenges your audience faces, offering fresh perspectives, and laying out actionable steps, you can seamlessly integrate this transformative approach into your content strategy.

Introducing the 14-Day Canva Video Mastery Course

Step-by-Step Instruction, Expert Guidance, and Exclusive Templates to help you create Engaging, High-Quality Videos for Your Business and Brand Using Canva

Master How to Create Professional...

  • YouTube Videos
  • Grow your audience and increase subscribers with pro-quality YouTube videos made with Canva
  • Smartphone Content
  • Seamlessly upload, edit, and produce content with Canva, optimized for reaching audiences on the go.
  • Commercials & Ads
  • Design compelling commercials and ads using Canva, unlocking a lucrative income stream by catering to businesses and brands.
  • Travel Videos
  • Capture and edit your travel memories with Canva, allowing you to relive your adventures without the stress.

Leverage AI-Powered Video Creation within Canva

Stand out in the new digital age with Canva's AI-enhanced tools. Go beyond basic videos to create content that's visually and strategically superior.

Boost Engagement, Conversions, and Sales

With Canva Video Mastery, experience a 48% surge in social media views, driving higher engagement and conversions.

Eliminate The Time and Money You Spend on Editing

Benefit from Canva's intuitive interface and vast template library, saving time and money.

Get More Eyes on Your Business with Ease

Boost organic search traffic by 157%, positioning your business prominently on search engines and social platforms.

Create Adaptable Content for Every Platform

With over half of video views on mobile, ensure your content resonates with every viewer.

Build Trust and Showcase Your Expertise

84% of consumers trust brands after watching their videos. Elevate your brand's trustworthiness and expertise using Canva videos.

Personalized Support Tailored for You

Receive dedicated one-on-one assistance from our Canva expert, ensuring your video content aligns with your business objectives.

Who Is This Course For?

✅ Business Owners

Raise your marketing game with the Canva Video Mastery course. Ideal for those seeking creativity and consistency in visual content without the time constraints.

✅ Content Creators

Enhance your video skills and overcome content creation challenges. Perfect for those looking to diversify their content and keep ideas flowing.

✅ Consultants & Freelancers

Craft engaging content for clients and boost your sales in just 14 days. Tailored for professionals aiming for rapid growth.

To date,

I've trained



(and counting!)

Don’t just take my word for it...

This course exceeded my expectations! The instructor was clear and engaging, and the lessons were easy to follow. I feel much more confident in my video creation skills now.

Fanny, UX Design Frelancer

I'm a complete beginner to video content, and this course made it incredibly simple and fun to learn. The step-by-step approach really helped me grasp the concepts and techniques. My favourite was how to create Instagram reels.

Larissa W., Etsy Business Owner

This was a really great course that walks you through step by step on video production in Canva. It is great for someone to use if they are just starting out or if they have made videos in Canva before. This course introduces you to different tools that people can use in their own video making process.

Kaelin M., Community Manager

Unlock the Power of Canva Videos in Just 15 Minutes a Day:

Every day, you'll work on practical projects designed to teach you essential Canva short-form video creation skills, including the topics below.

Day 1: How to Unlock Canva Video Settings

Build a strong foundation in Canva video editing by learning the Top 5 features for creating captivating content. Outcome: A polished video showcasing your brand.

Day 2: The Canva Skills That Elevate Your Videos

Pro tips and tricks to make your videos stand out and keep your audience engaged. Outcome: An upgraded video showcasing new skills.

Day 3: Video Frames in Canva

Utilize frames to create special eye-catching videos and improve your online visibility. Outcome: A visually appealing video with frames, attracting more views.

Day 4: Master Canva Video Transitions

Create seamless video flow with transitions to keep your audience engaged. Outcome: An engaging video with smooth transitions, retaining viewer attention.

Day 5: Canva Video Templates for Business and Teaching

Master the use of Canva templates to save time and money on video production. Don't worry, I will provide the templates. Outcome: A professional video tailored to your needs, produced efficiently.

Day 6: How to Make YouTube Shorts with Canva

Produce engaging YouTube Shorts with Canva to grow your YouTube channel. Outcome: A captivating YouTube Short for your channel, targeting viewers and subscribers.

Day 7: How to Create Trending Instagram Reels

Craft, edit, and post eye-catching Instagram Reels to boost your online presence. Outcome: A viral Instagram Reel for your account, increasing your visibility.

Day 8: Cinematic Sales and Marketing Videos

Create compelling sales and advertising videos that showcase your products or services and drive conversions. Outcome: A well-formatted sales video that sells your products.

Day 9: Boost Creativity with Canva AI Tools

Create scripts, add engaging text and captions to your videos, making them accessible and shareable. Outcome: An accessible and shareable video with captions, expanding your reach.

Day 10: Canva + Capcut for Supercharged Productivity

Combine the power of Canva with Capcut (FREE) for unique and professional video edits and reduce editing time. Outcome: A creatively edited video showcasing the combined potential of both tools.

Day 11: More Videos in Less Time with Canva + ChatGPT

Maximize productivity by using Canva and AI (ChatGPT) together for efficient video creation. Outcome: A well-scripted, visually appealing video produced quickly and in less time.

Day 12: How to Speed Up Your Videos in Canva

Learn how to use video speed in Canva to create dynamic and engaging content. Outcome: A captivating video with adjusted speed, enhancing viewer engagement.

Day 13: How to Create Your Personal AI Video Presenter in Canva

Have a video idea but don't want to show your face on camera? Don't worry! This module will show you how AI characters can present your content for you on camera. Outcome: A well-made video while you sit back and relax and let AI do the job for you.

Day 14: Text to Image AI for Video Creation

Dive into the innovative world of Text to Image AI for video creation. This cutting-edge technology empowers you to generate visually captivating images from simple text descriptions, streamlining the process of creating custom visuals for your videos. Outcome: A well-scripted, visually appealing video produced quickly and efficiently.

...and MORE!

With every Canva video editor update, you'll receive a fresh tutorial. Stay ahead of the curve and never feel left behind.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Personalized Video Strategy Coaching from our Canva Video Expert!

Say goodbye to generic, impersonal courses. With Canva Video Mastery, you're not just getting a course; you're gaining a partner. This one-on-one consultation with our Canva Design & Video Specialist is designed to fine-tune your video marketing approach, enhance your content quality, and supercharge your business trajectory. It's personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs.


Meet Dayo Samuel

Since my teenage years, design has been my passion. This led me to establish a business emphasizing design's strategic role in our personal and professional realms.

With over 15 years in fields like brand consulting, video production, and edu-marketing, I've garnered a wealth of expertise. This new course is a distillation of those years, offering you the best of my insights.

I've uniquely harnessed the Canva video editor, crafting standout videos that have opened global opportunities for me. Now, I want to share this refined knowledge, helping you master Canva and unlock your creative potential.

This course is distinct from the one I launched in 2021. It's freshly curated, designed to cater to individual needs, and ensures swift mastery of video content creation using Canva.

Over 13,000 individuals benefited from my previous course. Now, with this updated offering, I'm excited to guide even more learners on a transformative journey.

To enhance your experience, I'll be hosting live Q&A sessions in our dedicated Facebook community.

Join the Canva Video Mastery Course today and embark on this new journey with me.

See you on the inside!

Dayo Samuel

🤯 What other students think

Madison R.

"Great course! I've learned so much about using Canva for video editing, and I can't wait to implement these techniques in my own projects. Highly recommended."

Agnes K.

"I appreciate the instructor's enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of Canva's video editing features. The course was well-structured and informative, and I feel equipped to create professional-looking videos now."

H. Luana

"I loved the practical examples and real-life applications throughout the course. It made learning video editing in Canva engaging and relatable. Kudos to the instructor!"

Wernher Johnston

"The course is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know about editing videos with Canva. I'm excited to apply these new skills to my work and personal projects."

Velda Bélanger

"The pace of the course was perfect, and the content was well-organized. The instructor was knowledgeable and friendly, making the learning experience enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend this course to others."

Emanuel F.

"The Canva Video Editing course was exactly what I needed to level up my video editing skills. The instructor was clear and concise, and I finished the course feeling empowered to create stunning videos."

Want a Preview of my Teaching Style?

Here's a Little Sneak Peek

Here's Everything You're Getting:

  • Comprehensive Workbook to enhance your learning journey. (Value: $23)
  • Exclusive Canva Video Templates to kick off your video projects. (Value: $17)
  • Certificate of Completion to validate and flaunt your skills. (Value: $20)
  • Live Group Call for interactive learning with the instructor and peers. (Value: $40)
  • Private Community Access for continuous peer support and networking. (Value: Priceless)
  • Personalized Feedback on your video projects from Canva specialist. (Value: $297/hour)

You also Get Bonuses Worth $259.98 for FREE

Bonus #1: FREE

Content Creation Strategies: Tools to Create Powerful, Results-Driven Content and Drive Transformation ($79.99)

Bonus #2: FREE

How to Design Social Graphics Using the Canva Mobile App ($24.99)

Bonus #3: FREE

From Canva to Cashflow: How Canva Videos and AI Can Turn You Into a Money-Making Machine ($155)

Total Package Worth: $753+

Today's Exclusive Offer:

Get the Canva Video Mastery Course for just


The Special Love-It-or-Hate-It 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Not thrilled after 30 days? We'll refund you, no questions asked. If you're not completely satisfied with the course within 30 days of purchase, we'll refund your money in full.

Our experts are committed to helping you succeed; if you don't see tangible results within 60 days, we'll work with you to identify and overcome obstacles.

We're confident in the value and effectiveness of our course, and we stand by our guarantee to help you achieve your video editing goals.

Still on the Fence? 🤔

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Canva Video Mastery course different from other video courses?

This course is specifically tailored for Canva's video editor, allowing you to produce professional-grade videos without the need for expensive software.

I'm new to Canva. Is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely! Whether you're a novice or a regular Canva user, our course is structured to guide you from the basics to advanced techniques.

Do I need prior experience in video editing before taking this course?

The primary tool for this course is Canva, which has a free version. I might introduce optional tools for an enhanced video creation experience, like ChatGPT and CapCut, but they're also free to use.

Will I get support during my learning journey?

Absolutely! Our Canva experts are here to guide you. Plus, enjoy a bonus week of 1-on-1 support tailored to your unique needs.

Can I access the course materials after completion?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates and resources. This ensures you can always revisit and refine your skills.

Should I stick to the 14-day timeline or can I speed through?

The course is designed for gradual learning over 14 days. However, it's flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Remember, consistent progress often leads to more profound mastery.

How is this course different from the 2021 version?

While the 2021 course introduced Canva's video editor, our new course dives deeper into advanced techniques, AI tools, and offers personalized one-on-one expert consultations.

What if the course doesn't meet my expectations?

Your satisfaction is paramount. If you're not content within 30 days of purchase, we'll offer a full refund. And if you don't see progress in 60 days, our experts will personally assist you in overcoming challenges.

Normally, for our 1-1 consulting session with an expert, we would charge:


Today You Can Get It +

Canva Video Mastery for

Just $27

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